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i love these beet burgers. i love beet burgers, generally i think, but these are so tasty. also i made them from beets that i grew in my yard, and that’s always the most satisfying.  i’m enamoured in part because beets look like crappy rocks with mouse tails and are magical jewels inside. WHAT A VEGETABLE. if you’re not a big veggie burger person, i understand. i will eat whatever veggie patties but i’m never […]

chickpea, potato, kale, squash curry on quinoa

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I LOVE CURRY why do i ever eat anything that isn’t curry? this makes a big pot so if you don’t live with a hundred boys (like i do), you’ll be eating delicious curry for a few days! QUINOA cook some quinoa like normal CURRY oil 1 small butternut squash, quartered 5 scallions, white/light green parts separate from green parts, chopped 1 huge knob of ginger (4 tbsp), peeled and grated 3/4 head of garlic, […]

stuffed mushrooms with quinoa, parsley and sausage

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this is my first time ever making stuffed mushrooms, so there is probably room for improvement. that being said, these were still tasty. next time i would maybe scoop out a bit of the mushroom after i got the stem out to make more room for filling. finely chopped nuts or something cheese like would be a good addition also. Apologies to my friend Bradley who I told I would post some things without mushrooms. I CAN’T STOP! […]

okra mushroom kale tofu stew on quinoa with roasted brussel sprouts

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NOT the best photo, but who cares because it was sooooo tastytreats. This is a pretty heavy meal but also full of vegetables. FOR THE STEW olive oil 2 onions, chopped 10ish mushrooms, sliced 2 handfuls of okra (12?) sliced into medallions 3 roma tomatoes, diced 1/2 block firm organic tofu, cubed 1/2 bunch kale, leaves chopped and stocks discarded 2 tbsp tumeric 1/2 can pureed tomato 1 big pinch of chili flakes 1 tsp soy […]