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turnip cake

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Since realizing that making sichuan food at home is easy and do-able i decided to tackle other restaurant-only dishes. so, DIM SUM. i am very lucky that there is vegan dim sum in Vancouver and I can go fill myself with buns and gluten for about 10 dollars but i wanted to see what was within my own culinary reach. First test was turnip cake, a dim sum favourite of mine.

hot and sour soup

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first off, hot and sour soup is maybe one of my favourite foods ever. especially if it’s cold or i’m tired or sick or hungover or anything. it is delicious spicy weird mushroom filled comfort. this was my first crack at making it, and it went pretty well. it needs some tweaking but it’s very close and definitely delicious as is. with this in mind, here is a recipe for 6 big servings of soup. 3 tbsp […]