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summer corn + tomato pot pie

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pot pie! remember it, from the winter? well here’s a summer one full of cherry tomatoes and fresh corn. i was super stoked to use a ton of stuff from our garden that was all FINALLLY READY. like these beautiful carrots! check it! and i’ve got to say, cooking with your own garlic just makes everything better. this garlic turned out great, huge cloves really good taste, insane for roasting. THE PIE makes 2 big […]

end of summer corn chowder

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the other day i realized that summer is almost over and i’ve had fresh corn zero times this year. so i picked some up but it got all rainy/crappy out and┬ádecided┬áto make delicious soup. even though it’s a soup, the corn keeps a nice freshness and crispness to it. you will have leftovers with this recipe. here’s how it went: 5 ears of corn 6 nugget potatoes (i used a mix of red, golden and […]