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stuffed delicata squash

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ok guys, it is my favourite season: DELICATA SQUASH SEASON. it is hands down my top squash. the skin is edible, it cooks fairly quickly and it tastes soooo gooood. mark went to the farmer’s market and picked up delicata, rainbow chard and leeks and then i figured out what i could make with it. that’s my favourite way to cook, no going to the store, having a few things and figuring it out. these […]

stuffed mushrooms with quinoa, parsley and sausage

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this is my first time ever making stuffed mushrooms, so there is probably room for improvement. that being said, these were still tasty. next time i would maybe scoop out a bit of the mushroom after i got the stem out to make more room for filling. finely chopped nuts or something cheese like would be a good addition also. Apologies to my friend Bradley who I told I would post some things without mushrooms. I CAN’T STOP! […]