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sick soup (creamy chard and spinach)

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as i mentioned, i’ve been flu-ey and gross for the last week and my appetite has been missing. i dreamt about this soup so i got up and made it! it will cure (or help) what ails you, and if you’re not sick its just a good green tasty soup. in keeping with lazy sick soup, this is a very easy recipe. CREAMY CHARD AND SPINACH SOUP olive oil 1 tbsp vegan butter 3 mushrooms, […]

broccoli, greens, zucchini potato hash with cheese sauce

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this is a variation on a breakfast i make all the time on the weekend. it just depends what i have in the house, and i usually do gravy but it occured to me, why have gravy when i can have cheese sauce? changing things up! HASH oil a dozen nugget potatoes (the store i like has little purple ones i really like) 1/2 head broccoli, cut small 4 scallions, white parts and green parts […]

pot stickers with bok choy, tofu, spinach and cauliflower

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when you have the most leftover bok choy, and you don’t want to make another stir-fry, make pot stickers! i know that cauliflower seems like a weird thing to put in this, but it worked. DOUGH 1 c flour (and more for dusting and rolling out) 1/2 c. hot water mix water slowly into the flour. once it’s mixed, knead dough until smooth (5 minutes). let rest in a bowl, covered with a damp towel. […]

stuffed delicata squash

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ok guys, it is my favourite season: DELICATA SQUASH SEASON. it is hands down my top squash. the skin is edible, it cooks fairly quickly and it tastes soooo gooood. mark went to the farmer’s market and picked up delicata, rainbow chard and leeks and then i figured out what i could make with it. that’s my favourite way to cook, no going to the store, having a few things and figuring it out. these […]

warm salad with potatoes, mushrooms, summer squash, avocado and sausage

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this is the first MEAL meal that i’ve cooked in my new house so i’m pretty pleased with myself. until now there was a lot of this:   this was a weird meal. i didn’t know if it would pan out but the results were tasty results. i wanted a trashy potato thing but also needed vegetables so this was the compromise.     THE SALAD 2 handfuls arugula 2 handfuls baby spinach 1 carrot […]