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i consider myself to be an expert on very few things, but guacamole, i know my stuff. i had a ton of avocados left over from the big brunch that didn’t ripen in time, and i needed a beach snack but was in a rush. GUACAMOLE SAVES THE DAY. THE GUACAMOLE 4 ripe avocados the zest of 1 lime the juice of 1/2-1 lime (to taste, i tend to use the almost the whole thing) […]

fakin it

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this is less of a recipe and more of a product review i suppose. so fake seafood: pretty terrible. like really really godawful. but i’d heard people talk about these “fish” fillets and that they weren’t disgusting so we decided to try them. I think they’re called Sophie’s, i got them at karmavore. To go with it we made chips, tartar sauce and served it with lemon wedges, slaw and a bottle of blood alley […]