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day four! all the food! still at in our lovely hostel room. there’s a rooftop garden just outside the window beside our bed. CHECK IT OUT. pretty cool. so we went on a bike adventure to Vita for some breakfast treats. We went half half on a breakfast burrito full of veg and tofu and a biscuits n gravy deal with tempeh and sausage. again the taters were top notch. i usually get this breakfast […]

squash, mushrooms, kale, apple and almonds in puff pastry

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this saturday, we made it out to the farmer’s market (which i rarely do. so early! so far!) and got soo much delicious, rad, seasonal, local produce. i used a bit of everything i bought in this dish. ┬áthere’s a great mushrooms stand where you can get a mixed bag of portobellos, criminis, oyster, portabellini and enochi. this recipe calls for 3 kinds of mushrooms because i had them, but feel free to use crimini […]