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day four!

all the food! still at in our lovely hostel room. there’s a rooftop garden just outside the window beside our bed. CHECK IT OUT. pretty cool.


so we went on a bike adventure to Vita for some breakfast treats. We went half half on a breakfast burrito full of veg and tofu and a biscuits n gravy deal with tempeh and sausage. again the taters were top notch. i usually get this breakfast burrito, and I’ll admit that this time it wasn’t as good but it was still GOOD. the biscuits and gravy there were also super good.


then off to mississippi records to buy more things (especially if you’re mark). i got a thing and it’s rad and then i spent the rest of the time loving on this dog! every store should have a resident dog.


We walked to Little Axe to look at more records and once we were finally hungry again we went to the Bye and Bye for lunch and drinks. It’s run (i think) by the same people as the Sweet Hereafter and the menus have a very similar feel. I got the Bye and Bye which is a litre jar almost entirely full of booze with some juice and sugar things. it is crazy and delicious. I also ordered a meatball sub (fantastic). i forgot to sub out my chips for collards and i regretted it. if you go, get the collards or brussel sprouts.

mark went for the brocco tofu bowl just to make me look excessive. here is me in my foodbooze glory.


the bowl!


the sub!


needless to say i had a nap afterwards. that drink does not mess around.

then for dinner we had fancy eats at Portobello. It was delicious as always, though their portions seem to have shrunk. unfortunately, there is such lowlighting in that place that all the photos i took look like garbage and don’t do justice to how good the food looked.

so here is a photo THAT I DID NOT TAKE AND HAVE NO RIGHTS TO. it’s the beet tartar, which is on a cashew cheese and it’s stupid good. it’s so good. it’s insanely good. get it. eat it. then we had a eggplant roulade type thing. it was good and quite rich, but as i said, smaller than i’m used to there. i still recommend it for fancy times though!


then we went to our room and watched Amy Schumer stand-up on the ipad and mark looked at all his records one by one.




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