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DAY 3!

we finsihed our time at the air bnb and moved to the hostel. We lucked into getting the Family Room, so it was big enough for 4 people BUT THERE WERE ONLY TWO OF US. pretty swank.


then we headed to Paradox, the first place I ever ate in Portland and one of my fav breakfast places.  We had a benedict style thing with veggies and delicious hollandaise on sourdough. if there’s one thing i can say across the board, it’s the portland knows how to make hashbrowns. everywhere. no gross hashbrowns anywhere ever. crunchy, well spiced, delicious.


then we got biscuits and gravy with sauteed mushrooms and veg and such. they have an almond gravy and it’s soo tasty. that sauce on the side it’s Secret Aardvark hot sauce, which we brought back with us and, seemingly, is out at every restaurant.


unlike my past PDX posts, i only have 2 meals a day to tell you about. usually there are less meals than places I want to eat in a trip, so i have to cram it in and eat like crazy. this trip was longer so we just ate enormous meals, walked around, had coffee, had beers, then had another meal. the end.

after a trip to Powell’s and who knows how many record stores, we went to the DesChutes brewery and had some tasty brews.


Once there was enough room in our tum tums, we went to Los Gorditos. It’s not all vegan, but they have separate meat, vegetarian and vegan menus. they have all the good vegan trash meats: soycurls, soyrizo or tofu. if you can’t eat soy, i wouldn’t bother going here. but if you can, DO IT. it’s good and fast and there’s a salsa bar.

We split something called a Garbage Burrito (it has everything in it) and an Empanadas Rellenas plate. we ended up going back on our last day right before we left to get a burrito for the train ride home.


a peak inside the garbage burrito…


Then we went to the movies, had more beer and went to a show. biked back across the bridge and put our bellies to sleep.





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