PDX EATX II / day 2

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we got up early and tried to go to hungry tiger only to discover they weren’t open yet, so we went to Sweet Pea Bakery to get some coffees and treats and read a newspaper.

We went halfsies on a plain croissant and a chocolate croissant. here is the fullsies end result:


not the croissantiest vegan croissant I’ve ever had but really delicious. nice crust, it was sort of halfway between croissant and brioche. We ended up popping into Sweet Pea for coffees and a chillout a few times (i later had a bagel with “bacun scallion” cream cheese).

SOOOOOOO then we went to Hungry Tiger Too only to discover that they have overhauled their menu. It is much smaller and most of the brunch stuff is for weekends ONLY now. so we decided to save it for the weekend and went to find suitable brunch treats.

we headed to Hawthorne and found Harlow, an (apparently) new place related to Prasad downtown. tons of vegan options. it was TASTY. very straight up, it tasted exactly like I had hoped when reading the menu, really good, clean, flavourful food. Nothing fancy but well-done.

I got a Huevos Rancheros sort of deal with tempeh in lieu of eggs. The highlight: cashew jalapeno cream.


Marky had a scramble bowl thing with tempeh, kale, veg and beans on brown rice. It was super tastytimes.


Here’s Mark being happy about eating delicious things. Next top, Exiled. The first in a half dozen record stores we’d be visiting.


There’s a bar beside Exiled where we stopped to get a tasty brew, because even the shittiest bars have delicious microbrew on tap for no money. We carved some sappy weird shit in the table there last year, and whaddayaknow, it was still there.


We had some brews, went and stoked up at Food Fight, looked around some non-food related things and then eventually had dinner. SizzlePie! Pizza, caesar salad and some more cheap beer.


later in the night went to hang out and have some more beers and go to a show. by the end of the night we were both pretty sauced and in need of some weird oil in our bellies so we biked around until we saw something that fit the ticket.

I can’t tell you where it was, but we got onion rings and tater tots and they were disgustingly delicious. here’s some incredible blurry drunk photo of half eaten tots!








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