PDX EATX II / day 1

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portland! we went, we ate. WE ATE A LOT.


we took the train in with our bikes, left the house at 6am and got into portland by mid afternoon. the train takes a long time but it’s way nicer than the bus, and it’s only 5 bucks to bring your bike.

so the air bnb we were staying at was around the corner from the vegan mall and hungry tiger too.  first stop was for happy hour at hungry tiger because it was close and we were huuuunnnngggrrryyyy. we sat outside, which was a great idea because this puppy was out there being bad and adorable.


we ate a corndog which wasn’t worth photographing and had some tasty beer. Then we headed to Sweet Hereafter, one of my favs, for dinner. I had the jerk tofu sandwich with kale slaw and mark had a brown rice, tofu veg bowl. we were so hungry and cloudy from travelling that i forgot to take any pictures of our food. i still maintain that the buffalo sub is the best thing there, foodwise.

i DID, however, take a picture of this three-legged cat who we tried to befriend.


then we went to the Laurelhurst and watch Frances Ha and had popcorn with nutritional yeast and cheap tasty beer. there is a bar the runs along the back of the seats so everyone has a place to put out their beers. it is maybe my favourite movie experience ever.

that wraps up day one it was short and i was bad with photo-taking but there is lots of come!

and staying on the animal theme, here is a cute cat named Jeffery who lives at the house we stayed at:





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