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our last day! it’s really a half day but we ate a lot for the time we had.

we got up early and biked down to Sweet Pea for another coffee newspaper chill out and split a bagel.  after that we had to pack up! we took our bikes so we had to be able to carry everything.

here’s all the records…


…and mark’s bag once they were all packed up.


we hauled our bags to Hungry Tiger and had breakfast. the proper brunch menu is still much smaller than it used to be but it was good. we ordered enough food for 3 people, as our Hungry Tiger Too history demands.

We got a scramble with olives and spinach and things, a different scramble with sausage and things, AND an order of biscuits and gravy. here’s mark being excited for the before.


and me being dead for the after. i will admit i tapped out part way through this breakfast and mark ate the rest.


then we were off to the burrito place to get some road food. we realized that we forget soyrizo and other perishables in the fridge at the hostel so i sat with all our bags and mark biked back and grabbed everything then we were on the train back to canada. SEE YOU AGAIN SOON PDX.




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