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secret restaurant BRUNCH!

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(taken by jess) this week i’ve been planning and getting ready for my first try at a secret restaurant style brunch at my house. somehow it ended up being 17 people and somehow it wasn’t a disaster. I had to borrow several chairs and several forks from several people but it turned out. i’m planning on doing these weekly or bi-weekly and alternating brunch and dinner  (if there’s enough of a turn out). THE MENU […]


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our household was gifted a huge box of daiya slabs this week, AND my friend rose brought me back a bag of soy curls from portland, so all i’ve really been eating are soy curl burritos with too much cheese. not really picture-blog worthy (but tasty). hence the no posting. also for those who aren’t in vancouver right now, it is a DREARY COLD RAINY june. so i run with it and give you a […]