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secret dinnertimes

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so this was the first dinner at the new house, which was a bit tricky. we aren’t really set up for it (no big table, smaller space) so it was makeshift but cozy. the kitchen however, has a zillion times more counter space and nobody in it so it was also a dreeeaaam. here is the livingroom set-up, four people at the table and six using the coffee table with armchairs and sofas.   THE MENU butter […]

thor’s big brunch

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thor is my cat and on sunday he turned 8 years old.  we usually have some sort of party for him which is just an excuse to make a big food thing and drink and put a tie on the cat. this year i made it a secret restaurant/birthday combo and did a 25 person brunch. it was sort of insane, but also really not very hard. somehow. it was a sit-where-you-want casual deal which […]

secret dinner photo times

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BACKYARD DINNER SET-UP it went well! it’s done! it tasted good! THE FOOD THE MENU -arugula salad with carrot ribbons and toasted almonds -butternut squash risotto -asparagus, green bean sautee with basil and radish -roasted cherry tomatoes -chocolate ice cream with strawberries and cointreau -boozy iced coffees EVERYONE LOOKIN REAL SERIOUS THOR he did nothing to help all night, and didn’t even dry dishes. dishing up the dessert recipes to come! next up is a crazy brunch […]

secret dinner

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i’m just setting up for tonight’s secret dinner. i can’t share any menu details because i want it to be a surprise, but i think it’s going to be tasty. today is a smallish one, 10 people in my backyard because A- it’s soo nice out and B- there’s a band practice in the living room. pictures and details to come, post-dinner.

secret restaurant BRUNCH!

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(taken by jess) this week i’ve been planning and getting ready for my first try at a secret restaurant style brunch at my house. somehow it ended up being 17 people and somehow it wasn’t a disaster. I had to borrow several chairs and several forks from several people but it turned out. i’m planning on doing these weekly or bi-weekly and alternating brunch and dinner  (if there’s enough of a turn out). THE MENU […]