pimm’s punch

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we had a housewarming party so i figured HEY LET’S MAKE A PUNCH. so i did. it was good.


i filled a silicone bunt pan with water and froze it and peeled it out. if you use a metal ice mold just run warm water over it once it’s frozen and it should pop out.


1 bottle of pimm’s

1 litre of good organic not-too-sugary lemonade

1 litre good gingerale

1 bunch fresh mint

2 limes, sliced thin

3 lemons, sliced thin

1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced

in a big bowl put all the fruit, mint and the booze. mush it around muddle the mint a bit, and let the fruit get boozy. when you’re ready to serve, add everything else and float your ice mold. you can add cucumber to make it a traditional pimm’s but this was really nice as is. i made two huge bowls and they were emmmmmpppptttyyyyy quick.

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