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It’s been just over a year since I started this blog and i’m 100 posts deep. I started it shortly after my 27th birthday and wasn’t sure I would stick with it but i have! and quite frankly i’m a little proud of myself. i’ve been stoked on cooking my entire life, but only in the last couple years have I been trying to do more with it than just make dinner. this blog is one big part of that!


highlights of the last 100 posts!

These beet burgers are one of the tastiest things i’ve made, and i got to use the beets i grew! Just the other day I decided to try to make a waffle sandwich, a thing i’d never eaten or seen a recipe for. Now that I’ve eaten one there is NO TURNING BACK. Other highlights: the closest thing i’ve had to a sunny-side-up egg, delicious pierogies that i ate nonstop for a week, hot and sour soup,  discovering sea asparagus, and an old standby: baked vegan poutine.

One word to describe the last year in food? OVERAMBITIOUS! jumping it with both feet and my eyes closed. remember when i offered to make a wedding cake for 150 people, with no experience? or started having secret restaurants in my house, one time for 25 people? and a new secret thing will be starting up soon….

NOW I’M GOING TO RUN AWAY TO HAWAII FOR A WEEK! lots of recipes upon my return!

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  1. Renard Moreau says

    [ Smiles ] Congratulations! May you have many more blogging inspirations!

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