cleansing and laking

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after spending all of christmas, the lead up to christmas  and after christmas eating delicious garbage (noodles! cookies! huge brunches!) all the time we are doing a “cleanse”. this mostly means giving our bodies a break from sugar, booze, flour, anything processed, that sort of thing. it’s not extreme but if you’re looking for gravy and pizza recipes in the next month or so, maybe change your expectations. i will have a lot of tasty recipes coming up, just simpler less indulgent ones.

before embarking on this cleanse, we went and stayed on a beautiful lake on Salt Spring Island and cooked and lazed and wined and hiked and canoed and relaxed.

some last hurrah brunches (tempeh rancheros, yeasted waffles w/ pear, tofu scramble)


IMG_2672 IMG_2648

did i mention the view? this is what we saw from bed, from the sofa, from the kitchen table… i know i’m going overboard but it was just so nice.


foggy day


in canoe on the lakeIMG_2625


clear day

IMG_2599from bed


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