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DAY 3! we finsihed our time at the air bnb and moved to the hostel. We lucked into getting the Family Room, so it was big enough for 4 people BUT THERE WERE ONLY TWO OF US. pretty swank. then we headed to Paradox, the first place I ever ate in Portland and one of my fav breakfast places. ¬†We had a benedict style thing with veggies and delicious hollandaise on sourdough. if there’s one […]

tempeh, avocado, kale and roasted broccoli benny on biscuits

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tofu benedict! delicious and insanely huge. this was a celebratory brunch because a- it was nice out and b- my boyfriend didn’t float away in the flood in Calgary. makes 4 biscuits or 2 big bennies BISCUITS i used this biscuit recipe without the chives and cheese BUT HEY you could leave em in too. i cut them out big, about 4 inch circles, so cooking time is about 5 minutes longer. you’ll have extra […]

broccoli tempeh fry-up with chive biscuits and mushroom gravy

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i love breakfast, maybe more than anything. here is a good summer brunch. also it’s finally nice out and i can sit in my yard and eat delicious brunches, which i actually love more than anything (except thor). TEMPEH BROCCOLI FRY-UP oil 1/2 head of broccoli 1 package of 7-grain tempeh, cubed 3 scallions, sliced (whites and greens separated) 1 tomato, diced 2 tsp bragg’s or tamari 3 cloves garlic, minced a squeeze of lemon […]

french toast

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vegan french toast! it is easy. 1 loaf of good bread, sliced (i used a grain rye bread) a pint of strawberries, topped and sliced zest of 1 lemon + a squeeze of juice 1 tsp sugar 1/2 c. almonds, roasted and chopped 1 c. almond milk, or soy, or coconut-almond (coconut almond is so good) 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp flour 1 1/2 tsp Vegg 1 tbsp nutritional yeast pinch of cinnamon earth balance […]