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pear upside-down gingerbread babycakes

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this is a recipe i often make as a cake but i split it up into a dozen babycakes for a friend’s birthday (where we built an insane multi-room fort). these cakes were in the snack fortress area of the birthday fort, of course. TOPPING 2 pears, anjou or bartlett, cut in half, cored and cut into thick rings (see picture above if that doesn’t make sense) 1-2 tsp margarine per muffin tin (depending on the size […]


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believe it! strawberry mango almond ice cream cake! this was my first stab at ice cream cake and i think it turned out pretty well, i wanted to make a birthday cake i’d never made and was guessing my way through it. i will warn you that it does take quite a while to make, but it’s not active time. you just have to wait in between layers for it to freeze all the way, so […]

that wedding cake

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the pictures from the wedding are finally out, and so are the pictures of my cake. or a few at least. so here they are! all taken by steve louie.   this was a lemon lavender cake, a mini 3-tiered and then 125 cupcakes. topped with lavender flowers and candied lemon peel ryan and naomi cutting the tiny cake!

wedding madness

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OH HELLO THERE so right now is the time where i fulfill my offer to make a wedding cake/cupcakes for 150 and do the flowers (with little to no prior experience. ambition or insanity?). IT IS CRUNCH TIME. i am majorly sleepy and not going to write out any recipes (i am living on icing and coffee currently) but here are some photos of parts of the things i have done. tomorrow i decorate the […]