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some things i’ve been making

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i haven’t been posting the most but we’ve been eating a lot. i’ve been cooking a lot out of Fuschia Dunlop’s new book, major sichuan times in our house. lots of noodles, lots of fermented tofu (go buy some, it’s amaaazing), and i’ve been messing around with steamed buns (recipe coming very soon).

puffed wheat cake (or kamut or millet or whatever)

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cakes / desserts / tasty trash

this is my birthday cake. always. this is my favourite birthday cake, and my dad’s favourite birthday cake and most people would argue that it isn’t even a cake. growing up, we cut holes in it with a knife and shoved in birthday candles, it was almost always the assumed birthday cake. you can call it a square, but i can’t. birthday squares? no way. i have always made it with puffed wheat, but the […]