puffed wheat cake (or kamut or millet or whatever)

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this is my birthday cake.

always. this is my favourite birthday cake, and my dad’s favourite birthday cake and most people would argue that it isn’t even a cake. growing up, we cut holes in it with a knife and shoved in birthday candles, it was almost always the assumed birthday cake. you can call it a square, but i can’t. birthday squares? no way.

i have always made it with puffed wheat, but the store my by house deems puffed wheat to be not hippy enough, so i used a combination of puffed kamut and millet and it worked great.




8 cups of puffed wheat (or 6 of kamut and 3 of millet)

1/2 c. earth balance

1/2 c. golden corn syrup

2 c. brown sugar

2 tbsp cocoa

1/8 tsp salt

put the puffed wheat in a large bowl, and put aside. in a pot, melt margarine. then add everything else. bring to a boil and boil for FIVE MINUTES. take off heat and pour over your puffed grain. stir it really really well then spread into an oiled 12×8 inch casserole style dish. press down evenly. let cool and solidify. THAT’S IT!



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