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i haven’t been posting the most but we’ve been eating a lot. i’ve been cooking a lot out of Fuschia Dunlop’s new book, major sichuan times in our house. lots of noodles, lots of fermented tofu (go buy some, it’s amaaazing), and i’ve been messing around with steamed buns (recipe coming very soon).


what else? lots of brunch. biscuits, steamed greens, nut-crusted tofu and gravy. delicious.


we also hosted a surprise birthday party for my best friend of 21 (TWENTY ONE!) years! i made her a chocolate strawberry cake, along with many dips and dumplings for party snacks.





lastly, our garden is really taking off. everything is getting big and strong, very productive and we’ve been having some great yard hangs. here’s iced tea in a chemex we had in the yard on a lazy afternoon with the neighbours, who brought rum to spike it with.


and of course no update is complete without checkin in on thor


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