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overnight muesli

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this is great for early mornings when you are too tired/busy/lazy to eat properly. I love eating as much as possible, but on early early mornings it isn’t a priority. you prep this the night before and then eat it when you wake up! no heating, no anything.

eating in NYC: day 1

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DAY 1 the first day in we arrived at what would be 4am vancouver time. we figured out how to get to where we were staying (with our very nice generous friend in Brooklyn)and had a quick nap. First stop Champs Diner. This was big on my list and it didn’t disappoint. It’s an all vegan diner-style restaurant with all-day breakfast along with sandwiches and bowls and that sort of thing. The first meal I […]

raw buckwheat walnut porridge

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another delicious breakfast! i’ve seen recipes for buckwheat porridge here and there for a while, and it never sounded appealing but i decided to give it a try and it is so delicious! post-cleanse this is staying in our breakfast rotation! super easy, you can make batches ahead of time, packs up well, nutritious and filling.

no-sugar granola w/ sprouted buckwheat and quinoa

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i’ve never made a granola without any sweetener (maple syrup? agave? no way friends) but this turned out pretty well! a little bit of berries or pear on top goes a long way for sweetness. it is part of our cleanse time and we needed a quick breakfast to have on hand (i miss you toast) so i whipped this up. it is partially based on this recipe from Green Kitchen Stories, using the sprouted […]