eating in NYC: day 1

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the first day in we arrived at what would be 4am vancouver time. we figured out how to get to where we were staying (with our very nice generous friend in Brooklyn)and had a quick nap. First stop Champs Diner. This was big on my list and it didn’t disappoint. It’s an all vegan diner-style restaurant with all-day breakfast along with sandwiches and bowls and that sort of thing. The first meal I had there was probably my favourite (we went more than once). I had the breakfast enchiladas which were so so delicious and incredibly filling.


After walking around to many many record stores (notably Human Head and Deep Cuts)  we stopped for a drink at Happyfun Hideaway. I had a cucumber gin cocktail and Mark had some cheap america beer and we enjoyed some shade/fans before moving on. Did I mention that it was hot? It was so hot. Next we stopped in for a doughnut at Dunwell Donuts, an all vegan doughnut shop. This was by far the best vegan doughnut I’ve had. There are some ok vegan doughnuts out there but I find that they’re either too cakey and dense or too oily. Dunwell’s make fluffy light doughnuts that don’t make you feel like you just ate something fried. This visit (yes we went more than once) we had chocolate with peanuts and a chocolate cherry. Highly recommend.


We had a little chill time and some more walking ahead of us. We headed to Vinnie’s Pizzeria to have some vegan pizza. Not a vegan place, but they did have a lot of options. We had one slice called the Mac Attack (with macaroni) and the other was a special with pineapple  and a pulled “meat” sort of thing. It was pretty good, a little pricey but a solid slice.


also, great garbage jokes.IMG_4442

Then we went to the Union Pool to watch Cold Beat, one of my favourite bands. By the end of the day we were so incredibly dead tired/jet lagged/underslept that we headed back and passed out immediately after the show.

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