eating in NYC: day 2 + 3

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DAY 2!

ok first things first, breakfast. If it ain’t broke….Champs! This time we had a benedict (great hollandaise!) and biscuits and gravy (great gravy!).



sleepy guy getting his fill of the bottomless coffeeIMG_4452We walked around all day, more record stores, more walking, more coffee until it was time to go to the Mets game! I don’t care about sports but baseball games are so fun. We had a veggie dog, fries and some popcorn for the full baseball experience.

IMG_4462Somehow that’s the whole day! time flies


So later in day 3 my brother and sister-in-law (lady? ladybud? partner?) were coming to NYC to hang out and we had to go get keys for our airbnb. We had an early breakfast coffee snack at Dunwell’s and then headed to Manhattan. We had a “samoa” doughnut which we were told is based on a Girl Guide’s cookie that we haven’t had. Whatever it was, it was delicious. We also had a pistachio rose doughnut.

IMG_4479We got settled into our airbnb in Chinatown and met up with Alex and Merike. They took us to a place nearby to get sesame sandwiches stuffed with shredded veg.

IMG_4488THEN they took us to La Monte Young’s Dream house which was amaaazzzinnngg. One of my favourite things on the trip. I wish it were in Vancouver so I could go every week.


More walking, cocktails, walking, hanging out eventually became dinner time at Momofuku. For vegans excited about Momofuku Noodle bar: there are things there that are DELICIOUS, but there are also things there that you might think you can eat but you can’t. I sadly learned that the noodles are not vegan but they can sub in rice for one of the vegetarian dishes (it will be the best cooked rice you’ve ever had). The asparagus is vegan and incredibly good, INCREDIBLY GOOD. the broccoli (without pork) and the hummus are really good too.

IMG_4494¬†This is the dish they can make vegan, it’s a ginger scallion rice bowl with shitake and cucumber.IMG_4499the night ended totally stuffed and full of sake.

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