eating in NYC: day 4 + 5

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DAY 4! MoMA day, we had fruit and coffee and went to get art-ing. We spent a lot of time there going through all the exhibitions.

IMG_4502 By the time it was done we were SO HUNGRY and went to Baohaus for tofu sandwiches. They are small and incredibly delicious. They also have taro fries that are supposed to be really good but they were out of them the day we were there. IMG_4506 look how tasty!IMG_4510 we did more walking around and then went to a fancy fancy bar and had delicious cocktails. I will update this with the name of the place when my brother tells me what it is. This drink was one of the best cocktails i’ve ever had. It was so good that I couldn’t take a properly focused picture of it because i had to drink it right away. It was lemongrass infused gin with coconut, lime and some other tasty treats. IMG_4513Starting with that last photo I will apologize for all the picture quality for the rest of the night. I blame cocktails and low lighting. It is especially unfortunate because the following meal was one of THE BEST THINGS WE ATE. We went to Hangawi, a vegetarian Korean restaurant that was a major highlight of the trip. It was so dark in there though that the photos are terrible. IMG_4568 We ordered dumplings, mung bean pancakes, stuffed eggplant, lettuce rolls and lots of sake. I recommend everything. It’s on the fancy-side but worth it. DAY 5 we left to go to Ithaca! We took a beautiful train ride followed by a beautiful drive (though it was terrifying at one point due to an INSANE DOWNPOUR). Then we got to see beautiful Frankly, one of the best cats ever. IMG_4533 Ithaca is laid back and full of waterfalls. We stayed with my brother and it was so relaxing that I took no pictures of food while we were there…They did a lot of great cooking, and we went to some nice restaurants. More Ithaca to comeIMG_4566

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