eating in NYC: 6 + 7

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well sort of 6 + 7. We spent two days in Ithaca in the middle here but I failed to document our food even though it was great. We went out for some meals and my brother + sister-in-law cooked us up all kinds of treats.
A quick Ithaca recap of vegan eats before we head back into NYC

  • we ate a vietnamese restaurant called Saigon Kitchen and they had lots and lots of vegan options
  • vegan softserve at Sweet Melissa’s
  • had very delicious very fancy cocktails at the Argo Inn
  • lastly we went to the Shortstop Deli which is pretty much a convenience store with a little deli in where they make sandwiches to order. they offer two (TWO!) vegan toppings including thinly sliced seitan. it was not somewhere I would have expected to have seitan but there it was! we ordered two sandwiches for our bus ride back to new york city.

here it is!

and here is the order form with all the options IMG_4690

Once we were back in the city we went to finish some touristy things we hadn’t done yet. We walked around Manhattan and hit the remaining record stores on Mark’s list. I found some second hand clogs which I am so happy about. If anyone knows where to get nice vegan clogs please message me because I’m pretty sure they don’t exist. Second leather is fine with me so I scooped them up!

That night we went to a friend’s place for dinner and I got to see 2 very near and dear pals who I hadn’t seen in years.


We went to Xi’an Famous Foods for noodles and it! was! good! The lighting in there is terrible and we were ravenously hungry so these photos are really terrible. The food really flavourful, cheap and filling. It’s a busy place, most people getting takeout. You order, sit down and go get your disposable plate full of hot noodles.

We ordered a dish called Mount Qi Vegetable that had seitan and veg with hand ripped noodles. We also had a spicy hot oil seared noodle.


We met up with a friend of Mark’s and had drinks at a bar called Siggy’s and enjoyed cheap america booze.
We had dinner at Cocoron Soba and it was really good!! As the photos may reflect, I was a little bit drunk by the time we got to dinner. We ordered a warm veggie soba dish with mushrooms, taro and lots of other stuff and a soba dish with yuba. They have an entire veg section of the menu and they use a seaweed broth in lieu of bonito. We also had a mochi cake with daikon and it was like a soft stickier version of my beloved turnip cake.

IMG_5026 IMG_5027

then we went to meet up with friends at a show only to discover that we missed the bands. Vancouver showtime would have had us waiting another hour until anything started. So we stayed and chatted and then went to bed because OH MY GOD WE WERE SO TIRED.

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