eating in NYC: day 8

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DAY 8! Our last day in New York!
We had a nice chill breakfast with our friend we were staying with. We got bagels at Bagelsmith where they had bunch of different kinds of vegan cream cheese! Delicious. We grabbed coffee at Gimme Coffee! (where we went a million times on our trip, in Ithaca and NYC) and went to sit in the sun and hang out. I got sundried tomato shmear, check it out: IMG_4684 We took a little ferry and walked over the Brooklyn bridge. Very touristy, very busy but a really nice view of the city. Then we went to Taïm, a falafel place. IMG_4682you can choose between 3 types of falafel. We each got a wrap with different types of falafel. Mine was cilantro, parsley and mint and mark had a roasted red pepper. It was incredibly good and so filling. They also had mint and ginger lemonade which I have been craving ever since.
We had to be at the airport just before dinnertime so we decided to share a meal before we left even though neither of us were very hungry. I have no regrets, hours into the plane ride our bellies were happy instead of rumbling and screaming. We went (can you believe it) to Champs one last time. We hadn’t tried any of their lunch menu because we are brunch monsters but we had to (HAD TO) try a sandwich before we left. We split a Country-Fried Seitan sandwich and it was big time delicious. Then we ran back to get our luggage and hurry to catch our flight. That was it!

Goodbye NYC, we ate you, we loved you. We’ll be back.


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