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dreams come true: turmeric ice cream

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A couple weeks ago while eating a delicious coconut turmeric soup, I got a bug in my brain about making turmeric ice cream. Then a few days ago I found fresh turmeric at my grocery store so there was no choice in the matter, I HAD TO MAKE IT. I went out and got an ice cream maker yesterday and here I am today eating turmeric ice cream. It is dreamy and delicious, a little […]

dragon bowl-z with soba

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i’ve been making variations on this dish for years now, usually with quinoa or brown rice. lately though: soba! the noodles with the thinness of the vegetables works really well. this is a good dish to make extra of and assemble later. i’ve been doing that quite a lot lately. i eat it for lunch then make it for dinner at work or for the next day. delicious times. it’s super filling and has lots of different fresh […]

ginger molasses cookies!

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desserts / tasty trash

things are getting all holiday-y in my house this week since katie and i both (secretly/not so secretly anymore) love christmas/eating sweets/crafts.  we have gone overboard and our house is starting look insane. also it is FULL OF COOKIES, so here is one of three recipes i’ll be posting! check out Thor hanging out with the tree and 70 feet of gold paper chains we made CHEWY GINGER COOKIES 1/2 c. earth balance (the sticks, not spreadable), […]