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smoothie mornings

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smoothie life! sometimes i get into a¬†smoothie rut where i just throw in as many things as i can to cover all my nutrition bases and they’re ok but not delicious. i’ve been making¬†an effort to be more curatorial with my smoothie choices and hot damn we’ve been turning out some tasty treats.

espresso granitas with coconut cream

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coconut / desserts / drinks

for when you want coffee, and dessert, and an icy thing. you can have it all. this if from a recipe i found over at smitten kitchen, and changed to suit my needs ever so slightly. here’s how i made it: 1 c. espresso (i used stovetop) 1/ t4sp good vanilla (optional) 2 tbsp sugar dissolve sugar in hot espresso, then put in the fridge to cool. once cooled, put in a shallow freezer-safe dish. […]

almond milk!

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drinks / nuts / quick / one-pot

so it turns out this is soooo easy to do. who knew? i made a double batch, but i will give instructions to make 1/2 of what you see above. it tastes good! if you get a good deal on a big bag of almonds it works out cash-wise to make your own. THE MILK 3-4 c. water (depending on how creamy you like your milk) 1 c. almonds that have been soaked for 24-48 […]