espresso granitas with coconut cream

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coconut / desserts / drinks

for when you want coffee, and dessert, and an icy thing. you can have it all.

IMG_4498 this if from a recipe i found over at smitten kitchen, and changed to suit my needs ever so slightly. here’s how i made it: 1 c. espresso (i used stovetop) 1/ t4sp good vanilla (optional) 2 tbsp sugar dissolve sugar in hot espresso, then put in the fridge to cool. once cooled, put in a shallow freezer-safe dish. freeze for an hour then scrape it up with a fork, breaking up all the ice that is starting to form. freeze for another half hour, scrape again, freeze for half an hour, scrape again then freeze for another half hour. scrape it then eat it! if it happens to be frozen enough soon then you are a lucky dog, go ahead and eat it! serve with coconut cream!   i’ve also been thinking about putting hooch in this. i will keep you posted.

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