almond milk!

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so it turns out this is soooo easy to do. who knew? i made a double batch, but i will give instructions to make 1/2 of what you see above. it tastes good! if you get a good deal on a big bag of almonds it works out cash-wise to make your own.


3-4 c. water (depending on how creamy you like your milk)

1 c. almonds that have been soaked for 24-48 hours (rinse them well)

3 dates

1/8 tsp good quality vanilla (optional!)

once your almonds are all soaked and rinsed, put everything in a blender until it’s smushed up really well. then pour the mix through a few thicknesses of cheese cloth until you’ve separated the milk from the almond meal. ALL DONE.

don’t be freaked out, it will separate in the fridge so shake it up before you use it.

i feel like store bought stuff probably does too but it’s in opaque containers so who knows.

you can use the almond meal in baking, if you dry it out then grind it finer you can use it as almond flour in baking. it’s a good rich flour if you’re doing gluten-free things. also it tastes really good in cakes.

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