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mango coconut mousse

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if you want a lazy, summery, fresh tasting dessert that doesn’t involve turning on the oven then i suggest you make this. 1 can good full fat organic coconut milk 2 small mangoes, peeled and cut in pieces a heaped 1/8 c. sugar zest of 1 lime Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until very smooth. divide between 4 glasses or bowls and refrigerate for atleast an hour. all done.

a favourite breakfast

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is this worth posting a recipe? probably not, but it is a damn tasty combination and i always like it. 2 pieces your favourite bread (i like a super grainy one) almond butter 1 banana, sliced tiny drizzle of maple syrup or agave or honey tiny sprinkle of good sea salt toast the bread! put on the almond butter! lay out half a banana on each slice! drizzle! sprinkle! breakfast! thor is also a big […]

almond milk!

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so it turns out this is soooo easy to do. who knew? i made a double batch, but i will give instructions to make 1/2 of what you see above. it tastes good! if you get a good deal on a big bag of almonds it works out cash-wise to make your own. THE MILK 3-4 c. water (depending on how creamy you like your milk) 1 c. almonds that have been soaked for 24-48 […]