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as soon the wedding madness wrapped up, i ran away to an island 3 ferries away from here, for 4 days. most of my cooking involved making sandwiches with a plastic knife and using my legs as a plate before swimming, or eating chips in a tent. i did weasel my way into the kitchen one morning and made a brunch, i can’t go that long without cooking or i start to feel crazy. it was just standard brunch fare: tofu scramble, field roast sausages, kale chips, potatoes, but it was nice to get to do it.

needless to say there was nothing worth posting. i did, however, get to taste something i didn’t even know existed: sea asparagus. the place we were staying has it growing wild ALL OVER THE PLACE and it is pretty delicious. I picked a couple big containers full on my last morning and later today i’m going to try my hand at cooking it.

here it is on the beach!


there was one notable tasty trashy treat. one ferry was late and the next was early and we were left with 2 hours in a place where all you can eat is burgers, grilled cheese and fries. so we ordered fries, topped it with leftover daiya from our cooler and salsa. sort of like chili fries? whatever it was, katie and i ate it up and it tasted pretty good for a hangover all-day-travel-day


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