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yes, popcorn.

tonight i came home from work to find my house ENTIRELY EMPTY. and as much as i like hanging out and seeing everyone, when i walked in it was so quiet and still that i decided to take advantage of it and make popcorn and watch a movie all by myself.

so far so good. a recipe for popcorn seem silly? WHATEVER, IT’S GOOD.




coconut oil

popcorn kernels

nutritional yeast

smoked salt (or porcini salt or any fancy salt, or just sea salt)

curry powder

black pepper

olive oil


heat up a heaping tbsp of coconut oil in a pot, and put in 3 kernels and put a lid on it. turn to medium heat and wait until you start to hear popping, then add a layer of kernels (it always makes more than you think it will, seemingly). Put to lid on and shake the pot around until the popping slows down. Toss in a bowl with olive oil, a big handful of nutritional yeast, a couple tsp of curry powder, one or two big pinches of salt, and lots of black pepper. keep drizzling oil and tossing it while you sprinkle the dry stuff. ALL DONE.

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