pdx eatx day 4

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last day! LAST DAY WHY. i want to go back already.

day 4 was mostly a travel day on the train, then outside of the train for mystery-reasons for 2 hours then a surprise bus from bellingham home getting us in real late (for which amtrak gave us travel vouchers for the amount we paid. next trip?).

we got in one quick burrito meal before we left. we split a burrito with rice, beans, soycurls, avocado and veggies and another burrito with most of those same fillings but with chile relleno in the middle. it was good and filling. here are the remains:

no more brews to report for this day but we did get free pint glasses from Powell’s (it was their anniversary) to bring home and have future brews.

here’s the glass, pictured with veggie slices that i was eating in bed.

we also got some food together for the train (which is still part of vacation eating). we brought a loaf of good olive bread, sundried tomato hummus, the field roast slices, stonewall jerquee, almonds and chips leftover from one of our drunk nights. and lots of coffee and lots of water.


we spent nearly the entire trip buzzed, full and sweaty.  A ROUSING SUCCESS.

bummed to be done, but glad to be back to this guy.


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