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i tried making these candy bars and WHOA ARE THEY GOOD. and easy! who knew! you need a candy thermometer but aside from that it’s insanely easy to make candy and now i can’t stop eating it. i used almond butter in mine and regular dark chocolate in a double-boiler to coat.


there are a bunch more candy recipes on this site that i want to try. HONEYCOMB? yes please.

just like LAST OCTOBER, we spent a day making pierogies. we made a HUGE batch and ended up with over 225 pierogies with 5 different fillings. we used the potatoes we grew ourselves in a good chunk of them, then we had a regular cheesy potato filling, a mushroom kale filing and a dilly cheesy potato filling.


last year’s recipe makes about half of what we made, but keep in mind that they are labour intensive, so if you’re going to spend 4 hours making pierogies, why not spend 7 and have a freezer full of them?


more new actual recipes coming up. i’m testing for a little COOKBOOK that should be ready in time for WINTER HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING TIME. heads up.

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