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last day! LAST DAY.

we went to Vita, a longtime fav. we had a biscuits and gravy thing with panfried tofu, tempeh bacon and hashbrowns. such good hashbrowns. we (of course) did not share this, we just both got the same thing. then we had to get driving back to canada. we did a quick grocery stop to buy a bunch of trader joe’s tempeh (so cheap) and then drove until seattle.


once we hit seattle we stopped for lunch at wayward cafe. have i mentioned wayward cafe? it is one of my favourite places, period. last time i went to seattle i went to wayward for breakfast EVERY DAY OF MY TRIP. also you can get breakfast all day, so for the lunch i had more breakfast. and there were new items! here is a delicious benedict with really tasty hollandaise and my number one true love favourite style of hashbrowns: shredded.


then across the street to Vegan Haven for last minute perishable vegan groceries (go to this place) and then vacation was over and we came home tired and very full. until next time.



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