coffee, salt + curdling problems

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So I’ve been hearing some crazy things about putting salt in coffee. The idea is that it can round of the taste of too-acidic coffee (either by actually changing the make-up of the coffee or by tricking your tastebuds). But what us vegan coffee folks know is that acidic coffee not only tastes not-so-good but it will CURDLE your soymilk. So is there a way to save your coffee when you accidentally buy a bad bag of medium roast? YES! i did some research for you (and by the way, if you use a dark roast you are pretty safe from needing this tip ever).

  • Adding a tiny bit of salt to a cup of brewed coffee
  • result: not so good


  • Adding salt to a cup of brewed coffee that you’ve already curdled your soymilk in
  • result: still not so good, but if you put a generous pinch and add a bit more milk it gets semi-incorporated


  • Adding a nice little pinch of salt to your coffee grounds before brewing
  • result: amazing! The taste is way less harsh and the soymilk is perfectly incorporated


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