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mushroom risotto with grape tomatoes and arugula!

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TASTY TREATS! i have to admit for the proportions on this recipe i was seriously eyeballing it, so if anyone follows this and has problems let me know i guess? i think it should be ok. ok so this was delicious. i love risotto and it’s easy to make vegan and good so many ways, mushroom and butternut squash being my 2 favourite ways. also it requires a small amount of white wine so then […]

mushroom, sweet potato, mashed bean, okra, kale smoked tofu “burrito”

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otherwise known as: ALL THE THINGS I USUALLY EAT ALL TOGETHER IN A TORTILLA. THE RECIPE (makes 4 moderately stuffed burritos or 3 huge ones) 12 mushrooms, sliced 2 small sweet potatoes, diced small 4 cloves garlic, minced fine 2 handfuls of okra, ends discarded and cut into medallions 1/2 block smoked organic tofu, diced small 5 big kale leaves, veined and chopped 2 cups beans (i used 1 c. canellini and 1 c. black […]

secret restaurant BRUNCH!

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(taken by jess) this week i’ve been planning and getting ready for my first try at a secret restaurant style brunch at my house. somehow it ended up being 17 people and somehow it wasn’t a disaster. I had to borrow several chairs and several forks from several people but it turned out. i’m planning on doing these weekly or bi-weekly and alternating brunch and dinner  (if there’s enough of a turn out). THE MENU […]

stuffed mushrooms with quinoa, parsley and sausage

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this is my first time ever making stuffed mushrooms, so there is probably room for improvement. that being said, these were still tasty. next time i would maybe scoop out a bit of the mushroom after i got the stem out to make more room for filling. finely chopped nuts or something cheese like would be a good addition also. Apologies to my friend Bradley who I told I would post some things without mushrooms. I CAN’T STOP! […]

easy lunch sandwich times

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sometimes i forget how good sandwiches are. i’m sure everyone already knows how to make one, but here’s the one i ate today. SANDWICH 1/4 of a tiny lebanese cucumber, sliced thin alfalfa sprouts sauerkraut 4 mushrooms, sliced 1 kale leaf, massaged (think bruised, roll it around, smush, whatever, until its dark green) 1/4 block of smoked tofu, sliced thin dijon mustard whole wheat seedy bread nutritional yeast salt and pepper 1 big clove garlic […]