mushroom risotto with grape tomatoes and arugula!

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i have to admit for the proportions on this recipe i was seriously eyeballing it, so if anyone follows this and has problems let me know i guess? i think it should be ok.


ok so this was delicious. i love risotto and it’s easy to make vegan and good so many ways, mushroom and butternut squash being my 2 favourite ways. also it requires a small amount of white wine so then you’re left with an opened bottle of wine to drink while you stir your night away. oh yeah, that’s important, you REALLY ACTUALLY HAVE TO STIR THE WHOLE TIME. HONEST TO GOD.


3 cups chopped crimini mushrooms

1 red onion, diced fine

1/3 c. white wine

1 1/2 c. * arborio rice (this is the part i’m the least sure about, portion wise)

8 c. vegetable broth, mushroom broth would be a good choice here

lots of black pepper

2 BIG handfuls arugula

10 nice grape tomatoes, quartered

in a big pot sautee the onion with a generous amount of oil and a pinch of salt. in a second pot, heat your broth and keep it warm.

once the onion is done, add the mushrooms and sautee until slightly browned. Next add your arborio and stir it around until everything is coated and glossy. Stir in the white wine, it will suck it up really quickly so have your broth ready. From this point on you’ll add 1/3 c. of broth at a time, adding it, then stirring until it is well absorbed, then adding another. You don’t need to rush this, if you do it too fast your risotto might not cook enough. Do this for some time, until the broth is all gone. Turn off the heat and stir in your tomatoes and arugula and season well with salt and pepper.

eat it!

i ate mine with field roast apple sage sausages because they are delicious.

* only use arborio rice, any kind of arborio will do, but don’t try to use regular rice, it isn’t the same thing.

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  1. I made this and it was delicious!!

    However, I didn’t end up using all 8 cups of broth because the rice seemed really cooked before I finished it. I’d suggest either increasing the amount of rice or reducing the amount of broth by a cup or so.


    • hooray!
      yeah that happens sometimes, depending on the rice, humidity, pan heat and all that it can vary. but it’s always good to have extra in case, and if you don’t use it then you have tasty broth to sip another time

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