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sometimes i forget how good sandwiches are. i’m sure everyone already knows how to make one, but here’s the one i ate today.



1/4 of a tiny lebanese cucumber, sliced thin

alfalfa sprouts


4 mushrooms, sliced

1 kale leaf, massaged (think bruised, roll it around, smush, whatever, until its dark green)

1/4 block of smoked tofu, sliced thin

dijon mustard

whole wheat seedy bread

nutritional yeast

salt and pepper

1 big clove garlic

olive oil

First off, dry fry your tofu slices in a pan and sprinkle on nutritional yeast, toss it around until it starts sticking and the tofu is hot. Put aside. In the same pan sauté the mushrooms with garlic, salt and black pepper.

Assemble your sandwich, i use a lot of dijon so it’s spicy but if you don’t have it i would make up the black pepper or use a bit of hot sauce.

* i would add thinly sliced tomato next time.


similar to the other brussel sprout recipe but faster.

End and halve your sprouts. then put them face up on a pan, drizzle with oil, season with salt and pepper and nutritional yeast. Broil for 10 minutes (i put them on the 2nd highest rack), until they start to brown.

Squeeze lemon juice over top when they’re done.

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