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IT WAS DELICIOUS. here are some real casual recipes… BRUSSEL SPROUTS trim the sprouts and take off any leaves that are gross. cut in half, toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. bake at 400 for 10 minutes then broil quickly to crisp up the tops. i then tossed them with a balsamic reduction but that’s pretty optional. CAULIFLOWER GRATIN! I blanched a large head of cauliflower, made a roux then added half broth half […]

shredded brussel sprouts, delicata squash, nuts and apple on smashed potatoes

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meals / nuts / potato / squash

all the fall hits! this is a big warm salad sort of tasty treat. this is one of those many-component hanging out in the kitchen meals. if you are in a hurry, make something else. 1 delicata squash, sliced lengthwise, seeds scooped out and cut into half-rings broth 8 nugget potatoes 1/2 block pressed tofu, cubed 1/3 c. pecans, walnuts or almonds 1/2 apple, cubed a big bag of brussel sprouts (20?), bad bits picked […]

secret dinnertimes

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so this was the first dinner at the new house, which was a bit tricky. we aren’t really set up for it (no big table, smaller space) so it was makeshift but cozy. the kitchen however, has a zillion times more counter space and┬ánobody┬áin it so it was also a dreeeaaam. here is the livingroom set-up, four people at the table and six using the coffee table with armchairs and sofas.   THE MENU butter […]

easy lunch sandwich times

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meals / quick / one-pot / sandwiches

sometimes i forget how good sandwiches are. i’m sure everyone already knows how to make one, but here’s the one i ate today. SANDWICH 1/4 of a tiny lebanese cucumber, sliced thin alfalfa sprouts sauerkraut 4 mushrooms, sliced 1 kale leaf, massaged (think bruised, roll it around, smush, whatever, until its dark green) 1/4 block of smoked tofu, sliced thin dijon mustard whole wheat seedy bread nutritional yeast salt and pepper 1 big clove garlic […]


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coconut / meals / soup / soups / squash

this is a bit of a scrounger meal, i was out of onions, black pepper and nearly out of oil. so this was a make-do recipe but it turned out tasty. SOUPS olive oil 1 butternut squash 1 potato white parts of 6 large scallions 6 cloves garlic, minced 4 tbsp grated ginger 2 tsp curry powder 1 tsp tumeric 2 tsp chili flakes 1 lime, zested juice of 1/2 a lime 1/2 c. tomato […]