2013 review! best recipes, best foods

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i ate so many things in 2013, and so many of them were delicious. i started Thor’s Secret Soups and published my first cookbook, Thor’s Secret Soups + Salads (2nd run coming ASAP). also VegNews reblogged my avocado fries!
to wrap up my happy food year, here are my top 5 (in no order): posts, meals i’ve eaten,  food discoveries/ingredients. WHAT? yes. i’m going all out.

so here we go…


1. hot + sour soup 


2. salad rolls w/ jackfruit, rainbow carrots + radish sprouts


3.BBQ tempeh wafflewich


4. lemony sea asparagus, wild rice + mashed potatoes


5. meatball sub



1. oyster mushroom fettuccine from Plum Bistro in Seattle.


it’s just seitan, parsley and kale but was incredible. i have no idea how anyone could make that taste the way it did. i’d eaten a lot of totchos and done some solid day drinking prior to this meal, and even in my queasy state, this meal was AMAZING.

2. various jerk tofu dishes made for me by Mark.


also a notable mention for his “pierogi pizza”.

3. the BBQ tempeh plate from Peace Cafe in Honolulu.


so good! so unassuming. creamy slaw, cornbread, forbidden rice. i tried, with some success, to replicate it at home.

4. Buffalo sub at the Sweet Hereafter in Portland.


delicious! also a great restaurant.

5. another old fav. the U & Me roll from Zipang sushi, in Vancouver.


with shiso, pickled plum and white radish. all time favourite roll. also really good there: the baked miso eggplant. it’s half an eggplant and it’s rich and creamy and insane.


1. hazelnut milk! if you live in america, maybe this isn’t news to you. we don’t have it in canada (no idea why) but i will be bringing it back on my america runs from now on. it is so delicious and rich, and there’s even a chocolate kind. chocolate hazelnut milk. in coffee? craziness.

download (3)

2. this bread recipe from smitten kitchen. crusty outside, holey delicious insides.


3. jackfruit! the year of jackfruit! shredded “chicken” for tacos! szechuan! bbq! it’s endless.


4.nutritional yeast (too obvious?). i can barely make anything without it.

nutritional yeast

5. drinking vinegars! this is a recent discovery. OH MAN SO TASTY. you can get delicious fruity kinds and mix it with soda water. i’m hooked.



links to all restaurants mentioned

Plum Bistro

Peace Cafe

Sweet Hereafter



lastly, a picture of thor.


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