PDX III day 1

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sorry for the no-posts! i’ve been in portland eating my face off! here’s a breakdown of all the delicious things we ate!

we drove down pretty early so we could be there for a maximum amount of meals. we also brought our bikes because it is the most fun thing to do.



first stop was Sweet Herafter, a favourite delicious vegan bar. we headed over but it wasn’t open yet but BEHOLD there was a record store nearby for mark to begin his shopping. then we found some very cheap and surprisingly delicious vegan pizza a couple doors down from there! I am usually pretty stoked on Sizzle Pie but I’ve got to say this maybe is my new favourite. it was maybe 2 dollars for a slice, a few different vegan pizzas, half a dozen beers on tap and a back patio! i didn’t get the name but it is 2 doors east of sweet hereafter!



less than an hour into the vacation, we’d had drinks, pizza and bought records. BLAMO.  once sweet hereafter opened we went in to get MORE FOOD and and MORE DRINKS. i had a delicious cocktail with vodka, aperol, grapefruit bitters and ginger beer. then we shared a buffalo sub (which i pretty much always get) and a portobello sandwich. both were delicious.



then more biking around, record stores and resting. and then DINNER. we went to Sudra, a new restaurant for us. A friend recommended it and it came up on a bunch of lists.  I had a gin rosewater and other things cocktail that was pretty tasty and we shared a big pakora plate and a dosa plate with black eyed pea korma, potatoes and collards.


it was pretty good but probably won’t make my MUST EAT list for next time. IMG_9500

then we headed to a show and went to sleep because we were soooo tired and full. day 2 coming up!










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