out of retirement, a postpartum food plan

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I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. The retirement wasn’t intentional, more of a gradual real-life busying that never slowed down enough for me to notice how long I’d gone without sharing any recipes. That being said, it’s been a very busy year or two and I’ve eaten many delicious things and some very boring things and I can’t remember what any of them are enough to tell you about them.

But let’s skip to the present. I am 34 weeks pregnant and trying to give us a small leg up on the madness of life postpartum. First place to start? My freezer, of course.

Over the next few (couple, who knows) weeks I’m going to share my postpartum meal/snack/prep plan for freezer stocking for vegan postpartum families. This of course could also be for any busy person, someone recovering from illness, surgery etc, or really anyone needing nourishment but having a particularly busy time coming up.

I’m going to be tackling some prep later today, so check back to see and feel free to share ideas of what worked for you.

coffee, salt + curdling problems

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So I’ve been hearing some crazy things about putting salt in coffee. The idea is that it can round of the taste of too-acidic coffee (either by actually changing the make-up of the coffee or by tricking your tastebuds). But what us vegan coffee folks know is that acidic coffee not only tastes not-so-good but it will CURDLE your soymilk. So is there a way to save your coffee when you accidentally buy a bad bag of medium roast? YES! i did some research for you (and by the way, if you use a dark roast you are pretty safe from needing this tip ever).

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