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since we got the BBQ up and running for Thor’s 10th birthday that’s pretty much the only way i’ve been cooking. hanging out in the yard, picking our vegetables, cooking em up, lounging around. summertime barbecue garden times. here are some good vegan grilling ideas and tasty treats we’ve been eating

this was when our first sunflower bloomed! we’re at 3 and counting now. expect some sunflower recipes in the future on here.


grilling corn! i boil it inside until it’s almost cooked and then finish it on the grill. fresh roasted garden beets are my number one favourite thing. slice then into 1/2 thick rounds, season with salt and pepper and toss in oil.
you can sort of see below that i’ve been messing around with soy curls in a doner kebab format. marinate the soy curls then stack them tightly on the skewer, securing either end with a big ol’ hunk of red onion. let it sit in the marinade and baste it as you cook as they can dry out. any favourite marinade would do! bbq sauce would also be fantastic.
dessert? grilled peaches or nectarines!

IMG_0226 other tasty treats: DELUXE DOGS. dogs on the grill are a standard but think about different delicious toppings. we made some seriously incredibly tasty deluze dogs using baguettes as the bun. other toppings include pickled hot eggplant, a fresh tomato basil salad, carmelized onion, marinated kale with nutritional yeast and balsamic vinegar.



roasting okra is a pretty delicious thing to do. just use 2 rows of skewers or else they get squashy and flip around and fall through the grill.


a corner of the yard with scallopini squash, sunflowers, pole beans and bush beans.IMG_0274

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